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We are aware of our responsibility.

At Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet, sustainability is not just a buzzword or one-off campaign - it is integral to us and the way we manage our outlet.

We focus on the key environmental and social impacts and use responsible corporate governance to achieve this. Our sustainability strategy, which is defined by the VIA Outlets B.V. Group, provides the framework as well as ambitious targets, key performance indicator initiatives for our sustainability commitment (for more information, see our global sustainability website and the latest sustainability report).

Key areas of action for us are sustainable buildings, responsible consumption, resilient communities, and sharing and engaging with and for our stakeholder groups. In the following, we present selected measures that we have implemented for a more sustainable Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet.

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Electric vehicles - In the car park in front of G-Star, 34 charging points are available for you to "fill up" your car with and without a charging card from 11 to 150kW. The charging park consists of ten Alpitronic Hyperchargers - one charging point with up to 300 kW, nine à 150 kW - two ABB Terra charging points à 75 kW and five Alfen wall boxes à 22 kW. In the future, they will thus ensure less CO2 emissions by supplying the charging points with green electricity and more quality of life in and around Zweibrücken.

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E-Bike - We support the green journey of our customers to Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet. For this reason, e-bike riders will find a bike charging station in front of our Welcome Centre, which they can use during their visit to Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet. This way, the electric bike can be conveniently charged during the shopping day for the return journey. It works as simple as this: You will receive a chip to open the charging compartment for a deposit of 10 euros at the Welcome Centre. Open the charging compartment with the chip and insert your battery to charge - done!

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We save water - Our WC facilities are equipped with water-reducing fittings and cisterns. In addition, the intervals at which water flows have been shortened to avoid unnecessary consumption. Our 20 rainwater tanks in the courtyards collect a total of up to 20,000 litres of water. We use this to water our green spaces in the centre.

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Insect hotel - In order to give endangered bee species and insects a home, our employees have built a large insect hotel in the countryside directly in front of the Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet. This is our contribution to species protection and biodiversity at the gates of Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet.

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We are BREEAM certified - In accordance with the standards set by BREEAM In Use, only local plant species are used around the center, so as not to disturb the local ecosystem and landscape. The center is decorated with, among others, weeping willow, mountain ash, maple, eastern laurel.

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FIVE GUYS - The green roof on the newly constructed building of our Five Guys restaurant promotes the biodiversity of the Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet and also contributes to the insulation of the roof. The solar panels on the roof reduce the building's emissions. The building is fully adapted for access by people with disabilities. The plants around the building have been selected to attract pollinating insects and improve biodiversity in the surrounding area.

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Unleash Your Nature - We are happy to have Unleash Your Nature as a sustainable brand as part of our centre. The brand uses sustainable materials such as NATEX, organic cotton and mulesing-free merino wool. In addition to the sustainable production of the products, emphasis is also placed on the shop design. The checkout counter and large parts of the shop fittings are made of 100% recyclable cardboard. Compared to the production of ordinary wooden furniture, we use 80% less energy and 80% less wood. The adhesives for this are made from potato, corn or pea starch and are therefore free of chemicals.

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